This is not temporary

12.18.14. Yep, that was me. My outside appearance has changed ALOT, obviously. But I'm still surprised when I think back when looking at these before photos. Not just the outside, but knowing my attitude has changed so much. I've always been a happy & positive person, but what has been my biggest change is that the girl in the before photo always wanted to lose weight & be a healthier person...but would always give up before I got there. I felt sorry for myself, thought I could NEVER be the person I am now & let that get in the way of what I really wanted. It was too hard. But I've spent over 5 years working to get to where I am now. Lots of stops & starts. Difference is...I keep going. I am driven to keep pushing myself, working on myself-inside & out, feeling better, healthier, trying to love all the parts of me, regardless of what flaws I still see. Because it WAS hard as hell to get here. But that's ok...I'm stronger because of it. Don't be afraid of struggling, overcoming fears & taking your time. It's your life, your body. This is not temporary.