a week of workouts

I started posting my daily workouts on my Instagram last week. It's a good way for me to go back & keep track of what I'm doing & how I'm advancing later on. I'm also doing a push-up challenge this month, so LOTS of push ups. I can feel myself getting stronger already! If you have any questions about what an exercise is, either leave me a comment or google it. You can usually get a great visual or YouTube on how to do certain exercises. This is how my week went. I took yesterday as a rest day. 


I do most of my walking|running workouts on my treadmill. If it's nice out & I can get away without the kids, I'll go outside. Generally, though, the treadmill works best for me because I can do it most any time when the kids are around & my husband isn't.  

>>>fast walk for me is between 4-4.5 level on my treadmill. it usually works out to a 14-15 minute mile<<<

>>>all out run for me is between 8-9 on my treadmill<<<

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